How to take a London bus

You don’t have to use only the Underground to get round London. I’ll show you the best way of seeing London virtually for free: from an ordinary, normal, London bus. LONDON BUSES The traditional London red doubledecker bus may look…

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Grab a top bargain at London’s market

London’s markets sell everything under the sun, bustling places of noise, confusion, and, for the initiated, bargains galore! I’ve got my insider’s eye on what to buy where, which are the best and which are pure tourist traps worth avoiding….


Eat cheap in London

There’s no mistaking it: finding nice places to eat cheaply in London can be a challenge, with meals often costing in pounds what they’d cost in US dollars back home (i.e significantly more expensive). Nonetheless you can save money or…


Food and drink to try while you’re in the UK

From the weird to the wonderful, the delicious to the disgusting English food really does cover a massive range. You want to eat like a local? Try some of these English classics.. Beans on toast Cucumber sandwiches Chip Butty –…


Traditional English pub: How to use

Going to the pub is the most natural thing in the world for an Englishman. But you may not realise the secret rules of what makes a ‘good’ pub. You may be unsure how to use a pub, and where…